Most people know what you should do during pregnancy. Take your prenatal vitamins, get plenty of water, exercise, reduce stress and eat well. These lengthy lists of must-do’s are sadly lacking in fun things. This is when you have to have fun.

You can’t drink and get drunk, but it is possible to keep your playful side up, especially before the sleep deprivation that everyone keeps talking about starts!

Fun Things to do While Pregnant

1. Henna Your Belly

There are many options. You can either go to a professional or grab a friend who is crafty, or you can DIY. But henna bellyies are gorgeous. You should ensure that the henna you use is free of lead. The Henna Caravan has some wonderful products, including an “expecting” henna kit. You can follow their instructions or make your own. It will last approximately a week.

2. Paint your belly and take photos

Grab some non-toxic paint for your body and get wild. Is Your bump a watermelon or a grape? The moon? The Cheshire Cat? You never know who you might meet. You can ask your friend or sweetie to take lots of photos. offers a great-looking belly painting kit.


It doesn’t matter that babies like music and it will help them feel groovy–dancing is good for YOU, and right now, this being the fun list, not the enrich-your-fetus’-brain-list, that’s what matters. Do not blast music you aren’t supposed to like. Instead, blast the music you love! You can blast whatever you like, whether it’s the Glee soundtrack, Led Zeppelin or Beyonce.

4. Make a fun list

Sometimes, as adults, we can let our fun muscles get a little too big. Write down what is most enjoyable to you. This list will be useful for baby’s arrival. Vitamin F (fun), is an essential nutrient. My list includes swimming, dancing, kissing and making crafty things, shopping, deep conversations with friends about love and life, nature, good movies, cooking and reading a great novel.

5. Talk to Your Bebe-to-Be

This is my woo-woo-ier side of talking. However, I believe we can talk with our stomachs and sometimes get an answer in our heads. Introduce yourself to her and ask about her day. Next, you can ask what colors she would like for her nursery. You might get some improvised answers, hear a voice in your head, or simply enjoy the silence. Bonding this way can be great fun for both of you.

6. Garden

I enjoy tending to my life and growing it. It’s nothing major, just some basil and cilantro in some pots on the balcony. But I really enjoy watching their growth, watering and weeding and watching. It’s possible that it makes the abstract idea of growing things real. Maybe it’s because I have dirt in my hands. But it feels great and fun. A Mason jar is a good option to sprout beans, seeds or grains. Three days of deep yum!

7. Nest

This is only for those who find it enjoyable! Make a Pinterest board with some beautiful colors and then search local craft shops, message boards, or thrift stores for inspiration to create your nursery. If it’s more fun, get your partner involved. Together, create a nest for your new pet. Fun!

8. Take a trip

Even if it’s a short trip, you should make them as often as possible. You can spend a longer vacation/babymoon if you have the funds. You can start by creating a list of places that appeal to you. Studies show that planning and anticipation are key parts of traveling. You can go to the beach, amusement park, boat ride, museum, festival or see a friend that you haven’t seen in a while.

9. Do Something for You

Are you able to make time for a class that you’ve always wanted? Maybe it’s starting a journal, a meditation practice, or prenatal yoga. It’s fun to keep in touch with your passion and/or develop it, regardless of what others think or do. You can start making a list of things that you find interesting and lighten your fire.

10. Take a date

You can either have your sweetie plan it or you can make it. It should include some candlelight, hand holding and kissing. This could be your last time together, if it is your first. Enjoy every moment. Don’t be afraid to bring up big topics. Remember that you guys are your best friends in parenting and life. This can be a very stressful time. Keep talking and trying to understand one another. Feel da love.)

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