The good news is in, and you are expecting a child. Nothing is more beautiful than becoming a parent. The feeling of having a baby cannot be described in words. It’s a phase of life where you dedicate all your time thinking about your child, and your child is your priority. While expecting a baby is a wonderful experience, it has lots of challenges. You need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally.

So before the baby arrives, prepare yourself with all the kids’ amenities from clothing, bathing accessories, toys, cutlery and many other things you will need. Baby shop for the first-time parent is the most challenging task; however, we are here to help you. Starting from the basics first you have to shop for clothes, then prescribed medicines and general tonics, toys depending on whether it is a baby girl or boy, toiletries, prams or strollers, and of-course the cradle. So, Let’s start with the clothes.

How To Shop Newborn Baby Items

While a wide range of clothes, toys, strollers are available in the market, deciding the quality product for your baby lies in your hand. Many online stores list the specifications, manufacturing standards in the product description. So shopping online is much better than from a baby shop. Here are some points you should look at baby accessories while shopping.

1. The Cloth Fabric: Whether you are gifted by a baby boy or a little princess angel, you want to look the best. You always make sure that your cutie pie looks amazing as she is. From modern fancy wear to designer clothes, you stock the wardrobe with all types of attires. However, one thing to be taken care of while shopping for clothes is the type of fabric and weather. Infants’ skin is very soft, and any cheap-quality fabric may cause irritation. So, always buy clothes made of cotton, a mixture of cotton with polyester or spandex blends, or fleece. The natural bamboo-fabric is best for your baby as it regulates the temperature. With hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties, it is the best fit for your little one.

2. Safety Toys: Eagerly excited to welcome your baby with bundles of toys, but before that check the safety standards and quality of materials they are made up of. Check the manufacturing standards as per state laws. Check the toy label and ensure they are non-toxic, lead-free and flame resistant. Do not buy toys with small parts as there is a risk of choking. Avoid toys that make noise. Additionally, you should select toys that develop the social and coordination skills in a baby like stack-up cups, multicolor ball shifter. Moreover, attention should be given in the development of motor skills toys like teether keys, hanging rotating wheels, a sit-stand walker is some of them.

3. The Right Cradle: While you must sleep with your baby, kids often want their own space to play. Cradle gives the kids perfect bedding. While purchasing a bassinet, choose a firm mattress and not soft as the soft mattress has chances of suffocation. Also, check there is no gap between the mattress and cradle material as your kid’s leg or hands may get stuck. One important thing to remember is the swing. You can choose among manual swinging cradle or modern automated cradle. Set the speed control with timer and give your baby a good night’s sleep. 

4. Prams/ Strollers/ Joggers: You may not be with your baby all the time when going out for shopping or an evening walk. Modern prams, strollers or joggers come with advanced systems that help you carry the baby to park, supermarkets in a convenient way. Always buy branded prams/ strollers that meet industry safety standards. Choose prams that are easy to maneuver, narrow, with quality wheels. Don’t forget about the brake controls and weight. Medicines, toiletries, nursery furniture, car seats are some other necessities to look upon. Smart preparation will help your child grow in a healthy environment, and it will be easier for you as a parent. So, grab the checklist and shop your kids’ clothes, toys, toiletries, strollers with these points in mind.  

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