Everyone wants the ultimate chill to blast out of our vents, especially when it comes to staying cool in the concrete jungle. We all love it when the A/C kicks in during those hot, sweaty days. Believe it or not, the A/C system does not have an ice machine. However, ice was once used to cool down people’s cars. Cold air from your A/C unit is hot air that has been heated and cooled by hot gases. This process takes place in multiple steps.

Although it is thermodynamics, we are not going there. Cliff’s Note version refers to changes in pressure that cause temperature changes. The compressor will compress the refrigerant (Freon), raising the system’s temperature by turning on the A/C. It loses heat when it passes through the condenser, the second radiator-shaped thing just in front of the radiator. It then flows through the dryer/receiver, where it is cleaned of moisture and contaminants. The refrigerant is then slowed down, which causes it to lose temperature and pressure before reaching the evaporator. The evaporator acts as a mini radiator inside your vehicle. It lowers the temperature and removes moisture. The blower motor of the ventilation system blows air across the cold evaporator, pushing cool air into the passenger compartment. It isn’t very easy, but it’s refreshing with car air conditoning Calgary!

HOW Often should my A/C be inspected?

Tell us. What’s the air feel like in your car? Is your air conditioner pumping at full speed? Are you feeling refreshed and cool? If you answered, “Yes, my A/C is as cool as a cucumber”, you can cross the A/C inspection off your to-do list.

All the “No” respondents. Do you fall under the “my A/C doesn’t cool enough” or “it takes way too long to cool off” side of this spectrum? Stop worrying; we will have you rolling down the hot summer streets cooler than ever. Your A/C inspection is just a few clicks away from cooling off.

HOW Often do I need my A/C system “recharged”?

Only when the cool breeze doesn’t feel as cold as it used to. It’s that simple. It is true that an A/C system well maintained can last its entire life without the need for a recharge. This is only possible if you are extremely fortunate.

You should have your system checked if you notice that your A/C doesn’t reach those refreshingly cool temperatures. Freon levels will drop in most cars when this happens. Low Freon can be a problem because the A/C system is sealed. You could have a small leak or an issue with the A/C. We’ll conduct an A/C Performance Test to determine the cause. We will get you back on the road, cruising in a cool breeze.

What is Refrigerant?

Freon is often referred to as the DuPont tradename Freon. The most popular Freons include R-12, R134A and HFO-1234yf. Freon is similar to motor oil or radiator coolant because it is a fluid designed to work in a particular system. In this instance, it would be your car’s air conditioning system.

Refrigerant, a specially-formulated mixture, transforms hot air into cool air. It absorbs heat and then releases it, leaving cool air behind.

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