Baby shower edible cakes idea bring an unforgettable baby shower. Few examples of baby shower edible cakes idea like gingerbread, chiffon cakes, mooncake, sponge cakes and so on.Baby showers are celebrating occasions for parents who are expecting a baby. So, along with their friends and family members, they love partying on a baby showering event. Since it is a big occasion, its hosting calls for some ‘BIG’ planning! Baby shower edible cakes are always one of the major parts of the planning. In fact, there can be no baby shower without a cake. But did you know that baby shower edible cakes can be much more than a mere dessert? You may also enhance its value and appeal with the creative decoration of the cake. If you’re a little artistic, baby shower edible cakes can even serve as a centerpiece! Commonly baby showers come with a theme. Actually the entire baby showering party revolves around that theme.

Same goes for the cake. If the neighboring bakery has expert supports, you can have personalized cakes. But personalization is also possible at home. However, there are some common themes for baby showering cakes. Good examples are Angelfood cakes, Butterfly cakes, Cheesecake, Chiffon cakes, Devil’s food cakes, Gingerbread, Mooncake, Pound cakes and Sponge cakes. But the truth is that sky is the limit for baby showering edible cakes! If you shop and research a little more, you can also find great design varieties like Butter cakes, Carrot cakes, Chocolate cakes, Cupcakes, Ice cream cakes, Pineapple inverted cakes or Spice cakes and much more! But filling is also an important consideration with baby shower edible cakes. These are good ones as fillings: icing, diverse fruit flavors, custard, whipped cream, peanut butter and/or pure chocolates. Some guests simply love it when you use pudding or jams. But that was all about your preferences regarding cake types and fillings. The success of the baby showering also calls for your decision on the design parts. Just as I said earlier, it’s like a rule of thumb that baby shower edible cakes should match the theme of the party. Here are some design ideas you may want to consider…

Belly Cakes

In simple words, a Belly Cake looks like the belly of an expecting mom. It actually represents the joy and reason for the celebration– the upcoming baby! An oval cake is joined with a rectangular one and that’s how you get your Belly Cake!

Autograph Cakes

This cake has some words written (actually done by edible creams or something like that) – usually, “Congratulations!” The big fun idea here is that guest can actually put their ‘signatures’ in icing. When everybody has done ‘signing’ the cake,’ a photo is taken. For years the parents treasure this as their sweet memories.

Character Cakes

These cakes are common and traditional themes among baby shower edible ideas, but they bring back the nostalgia and sweet childhood memories to today’s adults. This type of cake is based on a popular fairytales, cartoon characters or comic heroes. Good examples are Pooh

Bear, Mickey Mouse, Teddy Bear or little ducklings.

And finally, Bib Cakes can be the jewel of the crown in your baby showering party. They’re a lot like character cakes, but have the looks of a baby bib. This article was meant to give you a deeper understanding on baby shower events!

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