I’ve been planning on some fun additions to the sophistimom website. One of my ideas is to add a style and fashion category. When I told my friend about it, she just stared for a minute, until I quickly added, “Oh .well, I’m not planning on writing it, I was going to have someone else write it.” Then she laughed and told me that would be a good idea.I think good taste, though, right? I’m just usually little too chunky to pull off the outfit I want or I just can’t afford my style. Every time I see the perfect dress in a magazine, it’s always over $1200.Well, in the meantime, before I get someone to write my style and fashion articles, or before I lose that last 12 pounds, or make a million dollars, I’ll let my daughter show off some clothes from the Skylar Collection (inspired by Skylar Lewis from Kickin’ It on the Disney channel) she loves* and plans on wearing to party in all December.

She loves this sateen blouse. It’s perfect to dress up a pair of jeans for a casual Christmas party.
I love the zipper in the back.This dress is perfect for a Christmas recital or a New Year’s party. The studs on the sleeves speak to my little girl’s inner rebel.And finally, she loves this skirt. It’s actually my favorite in the whole collection. Paired with this sweater my mom sent her (also from Target), and the hat she stole from me, it’s a perfectly girly, winter-white outfit.Special thanks to Disney Consumer Products for the Stretch Limo Zip Back Velvet Top, the Double Knit Peplum Dress with Mattee Sateen Ribbon and Studs, and the Antique White/Stretch Limo Lace Party Skirt, all available at Target.Special thanks to my mom for sending the sweater, and special thanks to me for letting her steal the hat.

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