When it comes to allergies, you would be surprised to know that your kids are often the most susceptible to the same, right from the time they are born. One of the reasons that kids are more often susceptible to allergies than adults is the basic fact that their immune system is still not fully developed and therefore, they are unable to better protect themselves, against the various allergens. Your toddler could pick up a food allergy or develops a cold on close proximity to dust mites, pollens, and other substances. And as a parent, you must know how to manage the same efficiently and handle it so that your child does not suffer much – check out the various tips and suggestions posted below.

  • Maintain a clean environment: This is a must for obvious reasons and dust mites, as well as pollen, are some of the common reason for your toddler to pick up allergies. You must ensure that your house is well vacuumed and sanitized as well. It is advisable to install a few air filters around your various rooms which should ensure that your little one does not inhale any of the dust mites.
  • Stay inside: If your child has picked up some allergy and is already sneezing and sniffling, then you would be well advised to keep him inside. He needs to be kept inside as this can limit his exposure to various allergens. And you may also want to schedule an appointment with his doctor so that his physician can prescribe medications that can help ease his discomfort.
  • Go organic: Your kid could also be allergic to various chemicals contained in some of your household detergents and soap. Given this, you may want to go organic as this should prevent any exposure to toxins.
  • Allergy test: You also need to schedule an appointment with his pediatrician and request him to run an allergy panel test. This should help identify the various allergens that your toddler is allergic to and this information can enable you to prevent your kids’ exposure to the same. Just keep in mind that allergy panel tests are not exactly cheap but that’s something that you may want to consider when requesting the pediatrician for one.
  • Petroleum jelly: If your toddler gets a cold, or starts sneezing on account of his allergy, then you can help rub some jelly (petroleum jelly) on top of his nose. This should help prevent your kid’s nose from getting too sore as a result.
  • Organic food: You may also want to make sure that you feed your kid lots of green vegetables since they come loaded with various minerals, nutrients that the body requires. Moreover, some of the food items can enable your kid to fight off allergies and common infections better. If possible, you can try going organic all the way.
  • Epipen: If your kid happens to be sensitive to more than a few substances, then it is advisable to have a few EpiPens around the house. You can then use the EpiPen when he faces a severe allergic reaction to a certain substance. But just remember that your kid is not going to be allergic to a particular substance all the time and he is going to grow out of it at some point.

These are some of the things that you can do to help you manage your toddler’s allergies. Your toddler’s allergies could range from a particular food allergy to diaper rash. And a visit to his pediatrician should enable you to get all the medication you need to handle all these allergies efficiently and effectively. But you may also want to keep a few EpiPens around in case of severe allergic reactions as it could well help save his life.

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