Common Pregnancy ProblemsMany mothers to be experience a few common pregnancy problems and most are nothing for you to worry about. However, if any of the pregnancy problems described below persists or keeps coming back, mention it to your doctor or midwife because it may be symptomatic of another underlying and possibly more serious condition.Prevention is always better than letting any potential pregnancy problems develop. In calling your doctor or midwife you don’t need to feel as if you are being a nuisance: your healthcare team would far rather have a false alarm than let anything get serious.For instance, if morning sickness is bothering you, you are probably aware that this is a very common pregnancy problem and there are several over-the-counter, safe remedies you can try (e.g. Preggie Pop Drops for Morning Sickness).However, if you were to suffer from severe vomiting on a regular basis (see below) you would be wise to seek the advice of a health professional. Common Pregnancy ProblemsHeadaches and Blurred Vision: This can be linked to high levels of the hormone oestrogen,

just as some women get headaches with the pill which contains oestrogen pregnancy can have the same effect. Persistent headaches or vision problems, i.e. that last more than a couple of days, should be investigated, however.Severe Tiredness: Expectant mums often feel fatigued but if this persists it is worth checking up on, as anaemia may be a possible cause. Anaemia is usually caused by insufficient iron either in your diet or from the demands of pregnancy. It is easily solved by iron supplements which will be prescribed by your doctor.Severe Vomiting: Morning sickness is common although its severity varies. If you are expecting more than one baby this can worsen and prolong morning sickness. If you feel it is affecting you a lot, do ask for advice, as you need to eat regularly and healthily for the sake of your baby.

Abdominal Aches: Muscles stretch to accommodate the womb and ligaments become loose, so odd aches and pains are not unusual. Any severe or persistent pain, however, needs investigating right away.Intense Itchiness: May be due to dryness from lack of vitamin B, which again can be supplemented on the advice of your doctor. During the later stages of pregnancy especially, you may become more prone to varicose veins which can also cause itchiness.Leaking Urine: Your bladder is being squashed by your womb causing it to leak; this is common from mid pregnancy onwards. Frequent dashes to the bathroom are unfortunately a fact of life for many women at this time!Pregnancy Piles: Pregnancy and hemorrhoids often go together, as there is a lot of pressure bearing down on the pelvic floor.

These can be more than just uncomfortable, so we have devoted a special page to pregnancy hemorrhoids here.Swollen ankles, toes and puffy fingers: These may be caused by the increased blood volume. This condition tends to be worse in hot weather or if you are expecting more than one baby. If you notice your ankles swelling a lot, or suddenly, you should seek medical advice as this can sometimes be a symptom of more serious complications.Enter your search termsSubmit search form Webwww.pregnancy-information-guide.comStaying healthy through pregnancy is really important, as the quality of your life, your moods, the sounds your baby hears and your life experiences, all impact on his or her future health and wellbeing. Experts are now saying that every week your pregnancy continues makes it safer for your baby – and may affect his or her brain development and physical development, so avoiding early delivery is important. Your health is one of the most important factors in having a full term pregnancy, so avoiding these common pregnancy .

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