Your Pregnancy BodyYour pregnancy body will be very different from the body you are used to. Powerful forces are at work to allow your baby to grow and develop and unfortunately these come with certain symptoms and feelings that at times can cause you discomfort.time and you must make sure you look after yourself.Sometimes the first indication that your body is changing arrives with the unmistakeable signs of morning sickness. This affects more than 60% of pregnant women and, although it’s not something to worry about, it can be very inconvenient and unpleasant, especially if it lasts throughout the day rather than just confining itself to the mornings. The link above will take you to some good information about how to deal with morning sickness.However, a great many women find that they sail through pregnancy and indeed love the glow that characterises a healthy woman at this time. Much of this depends on your attitude of mind: if you are really looking forward to being a mum and you enjoy this unique time of preparation, then your pregnancy body is likely to reflect that.

How Does Your Partner Feel?A pregnant woman who is enjoying her pregnancy may at times not realise that her partner may feel a little as if he has ‘lost’ her. Involving your partner in those baby decisions and discussions that he’s interested in is great – but it’s also good to remember that he doesn’t have all those hormones swilling round him the way you do. It may be good sometimes to make a special effort not to discuss the coming baby constantly and to take a regular interest in his ‘stuff’. One really good way to keep your relationship on a happy, health footing is to practice some special massage techniques. Pregnancy Massage allows you both to relax together in a warm, pleasant environment and you can even learn baby massage together. For some really good information on massage in pregnancy Click Here!Most men are really turned on by their partner’s pregnancy body and become almost as possessive about that rounded belly as you are!

Your morale and confidence can also be helped by getting a few new items of clothing that really suit you and enhance that glow. Plus, now is the time to start planning your home around your new baby…exciting times!Through the links below you will find information on how your body will continue to change during your pregnancy and how you can cope with these changes.Mustela Stretch Marks Double ActionCreamy and delicately scented, this revitalizing cream stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which helps prevent and minimize recent stretch marks in your most vulnerable body areas the abdomen, breasts, hips, and upper thighs. Apply in circular motions in the morning and evening as soon as stretch marks begin to appear and continue until one month after your baby is born. Stretch Marks Double ActioN.

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