I know, I know, often times is difficult to even bear getting out of bed with that growing tummy of yours, let alone thinking of exerting anything besides minimal energy-but I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Making the extra effort to give your body a much-needed energy boost is actually your number one remedy. Besides having immediate and long-term benefits, by incorporating just a touch of exercise into your daily routine, these somewhat agonizing nine months will immediately become 100% more gratifying.Alright, so now you’re asking yourself: where do I even begin? A key factor in answering this will be determined by your typical pre-pregnancy exercise habits. Prior to developing your belly full of love, were you the type to jog five miles before the crack of dawn, or was simply the idea of walking a mile enough to wear you out completely? If you were and have always been a fitness fanatic, it probably won’t take much to get you motivated. On the other hand, for all you upcoming moms who yet to experience the wonders of Elliptical, get ready to find out what endorphin-release feels like! First and foremost, before starting any sort of exercise regimen, discuss your intent and any personal concerns that you may have with your doctor. This will help you better understand what types of exercises are most suitable for you, and you may even acquire additional ideas or inspiration from your discussion. In order to get going, the key is to begin little by little. As minor as it sounds, just five minutes a day is a good starting point, especially if you are not used to being physically active. From here, gradually add an additional five minutes each week until you arrive at the thirty minute mark.

Believe it or not, once you reach this point, a half-hour workout will actually be a piece of cake.However, there are key tips to remember before getting into the groove. Firstly, always dress in unrestricting attire and wear a bra with extra support you know better than anyone that those girls have gotten huge! Next, make sure to have an adequate supply of water with you at all times during each workout to avoid dehydration. I am a personal fan of the new Poland Spring sports bottle with the connected blue detachable top-go check it out. To further prevent becoming overheated, especially on those unbearably scorching or clammy days, walking in an air-conditioned mall is an excellent alternative. Try arriving in the morning when the doors to the mall are open but most stores are still closed, this way you can avoid a crowd and won’t be tempted to go on a shopping diversion instead. Once you have these basic guidelines in mind, you’ll be set.So now the fun part begins. Yes, exercise can be fun! Whether it is dancing, biking, yoga, or pilates, there are an abundance of physical activities that can easily become part of your daily routine. Since you are carrying an extra person around with you everywhere you go, being able to be relieved of this excess weight is a highly appealing thought, right? Needless to say, the majority of pregnant women feel the same way. For this reason, swimming is often a popular exercise choice since being in water simulates a refreshing feeling of weightlessness. And don’t think that this only includes swimming laps. Test out the waters by doing a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises. For added enjoyment, set up a portable stereo or radio unit near the pool, and don’t be ashamed to sing along!

Another form of exercise that is highly recommended by specialists is taking a simple stroll. When you walk, you are in complete control. It is up to you to choose whatever pace feels most comfortable in the moment. If you are a novice, start moderately by sticking to mile-long walks, three times a week. Then, gradually try adding a couple of minutes each week, while slowly picking up your stride. If you are feeling up to it, find natural trails nearby your home to add varying inclines, or trek through unexplored areas in town to add distance and diversity. However, no matter how polished you become, begin your walks slowly to warm-up, and end at this same decelerated pace for a cool-down. Although there are many exercise options for you to experiment with, there are also some that are best for to avoid. Since doing any sort of exercise on your back and lifting weights decrease the flow of oxygenated blood to your body and the baby, sit-ups, leg lifts, and most forms of weight training are not advocated after reaching your first trimester. Besides this, bouncing, leaping, or anything that produces a continuous up and down movement is not recommended. Some examples of activities that may incorporate this kind of motion are contact sports, downhill skiing, scuba diving, and horseback riding. Also, step aerobics is a hit or miss. If you can adapt to the activity as your pregnancy progresses by lowering the height of your step, it could be acceptable. However, do this with caution. Since the incessant stepping motion forces your center of gravity to be in constant fluctuation, you may be highly prone to falling. Thus, if you do choose to continue doing aerobics over the course of your pregnancy, pay close attention to your breathing and make sure to not reach extreme fatigue.

Additionally, although it may seem commonsensical, skip a workout if you under the weather. Far too often I hear instances of mothers who think they are undefeatable. But the reality is, nobody can be superwoman all the time, especially if you aren’t feeling one hundred percent. Since your center of gravity is constantly shifting as the baby is developing, it is very common to experience dizzy spells throughout your pregnancy. On account of this, you may have a tendency to experience a loss of balance from time to time, especially during the last trimester. Thus, it is extremely important to be aware of your physical condition at all times. More importantly, really make sure that you not only hear what your body is telling you, but that you truly listen to it. If you experience any unusual pain, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, uterine contractions, or irregular vaginal fluid leaking or bleeding, do not question whether or not to see your doctor-just go. Even if your condition ends up being nothing serious, it never hurts to get a professional opinion.However, do not let these potential symptoms alarm you. Under typical circumstances, during this span of time when you are wondering if the ever-changing body that you are stuck in can possibly be yours, exercise will prove to work wonders. By fostering a sense of control and boosting your spirit, it will not take long for you to begin looking and feeling better from the inside out-I guarantee it!

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