Baby showers are changing with times. But there are few traditions that are always an integral part of unique baby shower parties. Baby Shower Games is one such tradition which is as old as the baby showers itself. There are some great Baby Shower Game Ideas for your party.These games can be decided as per the theme of the party, number of people attending the party and their age group. Easy Baby Shower Games can be lots of fun for everyone. These are the great means for people to know each other better and have a casual conversation. It’s not about winning or losing, but simple Baby Shower Games are all about letting your hair down and have fun.

Baby Shower Game 

Measuring Mom’s Tummy- This is usually done with a roll of the tissue paper. Guessing food- With the eyes closed, all the participants are made to smell the Gerber foods and they need to guess the food item.

Cotton Balls-

Everyone is given a bowl of cotton balls and they are supposed to put as many balls on their head as they can. One who is able to hold maximum number of balls on their head wins.

Don’t say Baby-

All guests are given an item to hold during the party. If any of them uses the word baby, their item can be stolen.

Baby Photo-

Collect various baby photos and let the guests guess which one is the mother when she was a baby.
M&Ms- Put some M&Ms in a baby bottle and let everyone guess the correct number.

Draw The Baby-

Put a paper plate on the top of the head and let the guests draw a picture of the baby, blindfolded of course.
Whatever modern Baby Shower Game Idea you choose, just make sure that they are enjoyable and not offending to anyone in anyway. They should be suitable to be played by all the guests and must go with the theme of the baby shower. Baby showers are not what they used to be few years back. Now, they are more stylish, lavish and extravagant. These days, even men like to attend the baby shower parties as they are full of fun, games, gifts, foods and beverages. It’s just a memorable occasion for the mom-to-be. Baby shower is arranged by close friends and is attended by other friends and relatives. These days, there is too much variety available for every aspect of a baby shower party. Its just fun and emotion filled joyous occasion for everyone. There are lots of free printable Baby Shower Games that are played involving mom-to-be. Few of these games include guessing the tummy size of the mom, naming all the baby items you can remember, guessing the gender, guessing the number of safety pins, how well you know mom and daddy, guessing the baby food, bottle races, baby bingo, B is for baby, guessing the baby item, finish the baby rhyme, baby tic tac toe and many more.

Baby Shower(boy/girl) Games depends on the number of people invited to the party and majority of age group. If men are also going to attend the baby shower, then best Baby Shower Games can be played as couples. Baby Shower Games are as old as the tradition itself. Baby shower planner also plans all the games carefully that are fun and so that everyone can have a great time. There is one game called cotton head where all the participants try to put as many as cotton balls on their head. One with the maximum number wins. Baby Shower Games allows you to be kids for a while and have unrestricted fun. No serious stuff, just fun and laughing around. Forget about being polished or elegant and go ahead and enjoy yourself. Baby Shower Game sare a great way to put some excitement to the baby shower party. It also helps people get more comfortable with each other and have casual conversations. Everything is done in a good humor and ultimate goal is not to win but to enjoy. Choose your games as per the theme of the party

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