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The whole medical world has an undivided opinion when it comes to virtues of breastfeeding. It is baby’s first defence against a plethora of infections. Apart from providing nutrition and anti-bodies through the milk, process of breastfeeding builds a bond between mother and child. However, in certain cases, it may not be possible to breastfeed. Reason vary from health to baby’s preference. Some babies just do not find it easy to suckle and have to be formula fed. Breastfeeding must be first choice, but if because of your schedule you are not able to be available for breastfeeding your child, a formula feed becomes an option. You can try both methods as well.

Although breastfeeding is the chosen and recommended method, changing to formula feeding with a bottle is also a valid and healthy choice for babies. Rather than listening to many advises from various quarters, best is to realize what your child wants. Holding your baby close to you while feeding her with bottle in no way reduces your love care for the baby. Practically, a number of women choose formula feeding due to a number of reasons. The top most amongst these is the poor sucking reflex which is quite common in pre-mature babies.Other than this, working women find it hard to take out time for breastfeeding. Tender breasts are also a reason why women may resort to formula feeding. Some mothers have to be on medication after delivery. In such cases, breast feeding is not recommended as medication will be passed onto the baby via mother’s milk.

Although it is not possible to say that modern formulas are replacement for mother’s milk, but they do provide enough nourishment required by the baby. Most formulas use cow’s milk or soybeans as their base. They may not be able to pass antigens to prepare your infant’s immune system, but they will definitely provide ample nourishment. Any formula you choose should be iron fortified to prevent anemia. Baby shower is celebrated to welcome the soon to be born baby into this world and shower the mom-to-be with all the gifts that can be used by baby and mother and help her with the motherhood.

Baby shower is organized by close friends and other family members are invited to attend the function. One custom is to have Baby Shower Cake. There are various options available when you need to select theBaby Shower Cake. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you want to make the cake yourself or would like to buy it. As baby shower is a special occasion for mom-to-be and she is going to remember for the rest of her life, it is important to select a great Baby Shower Cake. If you bake the cake yourself, it gives a warmth and personal touch.

And if you decide to buy Baby Shower Cake, there is lots of variety available. These cakes are not only great to look at, but are equally tasty. Some of the special Baby Shower Cake are baby blocks, baby booties, diaper cake for either girls or boys, some toy shaped cake, Noah’s ark, some cartoon character on the cake as per the sex of the baby and ducky cake. On the other hand, if you enjoy baking, there are lots of recipes available on internet.

You can then purchase all the cake decorations from the shop and make it attractive. You can choose the theme of the cake to match the theme of the party. It can be fun and entertaining. Baby Shower Cake can be centerpiece as well as dessert. Not only choosing the right cake is important, but the little message you write is equally important to the mother to be. Just put in a little thought, this is a wonderful chance to show that you care.

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