Baby shower is a joyous occasion for everyone, especially the would-be-mother. All the close friends and relatives gather and shower the mom to be with lots of love and gifts. Baby shower starts with the planning and sending out Baby Shower Invitations.If the sex of the child is known, you can choose the cards as per that. Baby Boy Shower Invitations are different from those for girl. Baby Boy Shower Invitations will have theme and color combinations as per boys. Most of these Baby Boy Shower Invitations can be bought cheap online or from the specialty stores. You can either get the blank cards and then custom print them.Baby Boy Shower Invitations will usually be in blue color with photos of planes, trucks, tools, engines, cars or jungle to name a few. Select the best Baby Boy Shower Invitations that bring smile to the face of the recipient. A good baby shower starts with a good Baby Shower Invitation.So make it special by putting a thought to it. It is of great importance to the mother and she might be preserving it for many years to come. How much this occasion means to you is also reflected by your choice of Baby Boy Shower Invitations.

Baby Feeding Formula

You can add mother’s picture on the invitation, or you can add a photo of a newborn baby boy, a boy cartoon or a stork holding a baby boy and making an announcement. You can also show a baby hanging from a moon with a blue background and lots of stars twinkling. It just gives a good feel. Choosing a peapod boy is another great idea. Let the people know that it is a baby boy through Baby Boy Shower Invitations so that they can also bring the baby shower gifts accordingly. Supplementing a baby with the formula is a good idea when the baby is not getting the sufficient nutrition from the breast milk. Even the working mothers can use formula to feeds their kids when they are away at work. Not all women would be comfortable with the pumping option at the work place. Such working mothers can rely on the formula instead of the pumped breast milk. But it is always advised to also breastfeed the baby at the same time. Formula though it provides all the required nourishment for the baby to grow, it does not provide the necessary immunological back up to fight against several infections. Formula is just a supplement along with the breast milk. Mothers should not dump the idea of breastfeeding their babies completely. Working mothers can breastfeed their kids at the nights while supplementing them with the formula during the working hours.

Mothers can use formula if they think that the baby is not getting the adequate nourishment from the breast milk. If the baby is losing too much weight or not putting on weight at all then the mothers can use a formula along with the breast milk. It is always advisable to consult the baby’s doctor before using the formula. Formula can be fed once the baby becomes a month old. Before that it is advised to breastfeed completely. Formula can be fed with the help of the glass bottles or cups. Babies may show reluctance against the bottles or the cups in the starting. Some mothers face difficulties while bringing their kids to bottle or a cup. Most of the kids take time to get used to the bottles. It is suggested that mothers should not bottle feed the baby for the first time so that he does not fight for the breast milk.

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