Babies cry – it’s the only way they can communicate, so it’s to be expected. If your baby is crying more often, or for longer than normal, however, there might be something up. What is considered excessive crying will depend on each individual baby, but the following causes are pretty much universal:

They Have Nappy Rash

One of the most common ailments that babies encounter is nappy rash. These uncomfortable red bumps will rear their ugly heads any chance they get, even if your baby has only been in a wet nappy for a few minutes. Luckily, this painful annoyance can be easily fixed up with some quality nappy rash cream.


They’re Not Getting Enough Nourishment

We’re not here to debate whether breastfeeding or formula feeding is superior – as long as your baby is fed, your personal choice is exactly that. But we are here to let you know that no matter how often you nurse or give bubs a bottle, there’s a chance that your baby may not be getting enough nutritional value out of what they’re eating. 

This may be because they’re not eating enough, or their food might be missing something they need. If you suspect that your baby isn’t getting nourished sufficiently, book an appointment with your pediatric specialist, and in the meantime, see if they will nurse for longer or switch your brand of formula.


They Need To Be Burped

Although not always common knowledge, following a feed isn’t the only time that bubs might need to be burped. If your little one has been sucking on a pacifier, for instance, they might need a pat on the back. Crying can lead to a need to burp as well, so if the usual suspects don’t seem to be an issue, give burping a shot.


They’re Having Teething Problems

We all know that when it comes time for your baby to start teething, they’re going to be grumpy. You would be too if you were slowly pushing bones through your gums! But that doesn’t mean they simply have to suffer through it. A range of pacifiers, teething toys, and ointments are available. Chewable toys that can be filled with water and frozen are incredibly effective and have become popular in recent years. No matter which option you choose, bubs will get at least some relief, and this should bring their bright little smile back, even if only temporarily.


They’re Over Tired

If your baby is looking sleepy but still getting up to mischief, they may over-shot the tired stage and gone straight to grumpy. Babies aren’t very good at knowing when to call it a day, so if your little one is inconsolable, they might just be overtired. Try giving them a cuddle or rocking them and see if they drift off in your arms – it could be just what the doctor ordered. 


Little humans are just as complex as the rest of us, but they just haven’t properly learned how to express their wants, needs, and feelings with words yet. Over time, you will come to recognize different cries and their associated problems, but for now, try checking the issues on this list. And remember, if you can’t find a cause, or you think your baby’s tears are out of character, no-one will be annoyed if you show up at the doctor’s office to have your concerns addressed. 

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