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Bathing a baby is an activity that is full of fun and enjoyment for baby as well as mother. Watching the baby splashing water in a bath tub can be extremely pleasurable and relaxing. However, this activity also calls for care and caution and you would do well to follow these tips for safe bathing.

Leaving a baby unattended in a bathtub is a situation that can be extremely dangerous. Unaware of breathing, a baby can drown quickly in less than an inch of water.Keep all bath accessories handy. Having soap, shampoo, towel, oil and other accessories handy means you will not leave the baby unattended.Cold water can bring shock to the baby’s skin, so use moderately warm water (90 to 100 degrees F) for bath.All electric appliances like hair driers etc. must be out of reach of baby and well clear of bathing area.Bath tubs can be slippery when wet, so it is a good idea to have a rubber mat fitted for a secure sitting.Growing babies prefer to stand in the tub; however, they must be trained to sit in the tub.Using only recommended soaps and shampoos that are soft and tender for baby skin only must be used. Having your baby sit in soapy water for long is not recommended as it can lead to rashes.Answering of door knocks and phone calls should be delegated to someone else so that you can concentrate completely on baby bathing.

As playful a baby is, you must not allow her to play with faucet handles. Seemingly difficult to accomplish presently can soon become achievable and result in injury to the child.After the bath, wrap the baby in a fresh towel before you expose her to room temperature. This will soak up extra water as well as keep the baby warm.Though breast feeding is a better option, most of the mothers go for bottle feedings after a certain period due to varied reasons. Before going for the bottle feeding, it is a must that all the mothers should know the basics of bottle feeding. The below are few of the bottle feeding basics that must be followed by the mothers.

How to choose a bottle?
It is preferable to go for standard bottles rather than the wide necked bottles as different shapes of teats can be used in case of the former. But wide necked bottles can be easily cleaned rather than the standard bottles. Even filling of the milk is easier in case of wide necked bottles. Mothers can prefer either of the bottles depending on their priorities. There are also special bottles available that can be sterilized directly in the microwave.

How to select the teats?
Teats should be selected depending on the child’s age. Teats vary depending on the flow speeds. Either latex or silicon teats can be chosen. Though latex teats are softer they do not last long. Where as, silicon teats last for a longer duration.

How to sterilize the bottles?
Sterilization is the most important step that has to be taken prior feeding. Bottles must be sterilized either with the help of cold water or steam.

How to bottle feed the baby?
The following steps must be taken while bottle feeding the baby:The temperature of the milk must be checked first.If the milk is warm enough then feed the baby by holding in the right position.Do not feed the baby excessively. Feed the baby at an interval of 2 to 3 hours.Do not store the left over milk. There is lot of scope for contamination in case of milk.Once the feeding is done pat the baby at the back.

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