The festive season is approaching forward and so is the cleaning regime of yours. You will be on a mission to clean the varied partitions of home and windows are no different. It can be a challenging task to accomplish smudge-free mirrors and windows in the home. Oftentimes we occupy ourselves for hours squirting and smearing only to be getting windows that appear nearly as dull as they were earlier. With the right tools and right methods, though, can make this protracted task artless, leaving your glass surfaces shiny clean, and saving you loads of money ultimately. Read on the ultimate guide to clean your windows like a professional.  

  • Top to Bottom Approach

We always clean the windows haphazardly as we think there is no specific technique in that. If you truly want your window to be smudge-free, use the top to bottom approach. In this, you clean the windows starting from top to the lower part. Since the cleaning agents can dribble, use gravity as a benefit and let the detergent trickle into areas you have not reached yet. Initiate at the topmost angle and work your way down to confirm that no drops will ensue on the glass exterior that is previously flawlessly cleaned. This technique also makes sure you clean the entire thing with ease since you spray from the top of the window.   

  • Choose an Overcast Weather 

You may wonder this should be conflicting as you can detect dirt particles on the glass wall with the sunlight. The sun, though, can impulsively dry the window cleaning agent, parting remainders and smudges. If you anticipate an overcast day to clean your windows, the cleaning solution will persist until you rub it out and you will come to pass with a vivid streak-free shine. Moreover, a cloudy day lets you clean the window more efficiently since you also don’t have to soak the sun and lose your stamina for the remaining cleaning schedule. Hence, it’s best if you clean your windows and mirrors on a cloudy day.    

  • Splendid Squeegees

Squeegees are a breakthrough in Window Cleaning Services used by professional window cleaners. It is remarkable what a change this one guileless tool makes on glass screens. Occasionally, the main wipe of the cloth does not eliminate all of the cleaning detergents and re-wiping that area of glass is a warranty that you will have splashes. With the help of a squeegee, though, makes it easy to sparkle every piece of the window. A long-grip squeegee is a necessity if you will be doing high windows, and it will do dual duty in washing shower walls and doors at the same time. Hence, a squeegee is a must when you begin house cleaning.   

  • Homegrown Window Cleaners

Every so often, homegrown solutions work best when you are cleaning home, are more inexpensive and will not comprise of unidentified substances. To make your homegrown window cleaner, interpose 1 mug water, 1 teacup rubbing alcohol, and 1 tablespoon vinegar. With isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar composed makes a rapidly fading spray window glass cleaner that can leave behind the market brands. Moreover, this can also be utilized for giving a nice polish to hard tiles and other surfaces including chrome.

  • Peppery papers 

Ever wonder what a paper can do else than giving away news?  Many drivers rely on a paper to sparkle their car’s glass surfaces. It usually works well in case of the windows as well, but then again a lot of people do not like getting paper ink on their hands. The paper also does not glitch much while getting wet. However, if you believe that cotton clothes and towels just are not for you, the newspaper is worth trying once. Also if you are pleased with how the window looks and not how your hands look, you can just wear hand gloves. 

Window cleaning or any other cleaning schedule is tiring and the percentages of success are based on how you carry out the entire activity. With the right tools, however, any cleaning spree is a success. After all, the cleaner the house, the better the shine of the festival on your face! 

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