I’m Jaime Richardson. I started this blog a couple years back, when I was getting frustrated that my kids weren’t eating the food I made. I figured if they didn’t like it, I could photograph it, put it on the internet, and at least somebody’s kid could enjoy it. At the same time, I felt that I was letting too much TV creep into our family and shape who my children were becoming (i.e. my last kid’s first word was “Spongebob”). So I created this blog to serve as a pathway toward family goals. I called it “sophistimom” as a reminder to keep trying to expose my kids to great literature, art, cultures, music, and food whenever I can. As far as getting to know me. You already know I like French pastries, but they are worth mentioning again. More specifically, I love anything made with puff pastry, as long as the puff pastry is made with butter.

  • I prefer fruity desserts to chocolatey desserts.
  • I have tried to eat a vegan diet a few times.
  • It didn’t stick. Butter is not vegan.
  • I work out, otherwise I couldn’t eat those things.

I love to read. But oddly enough, once I started a blog about reading and cooking, I ended up doing more cooking and a lot less reading. Even though it’s been twenty years since I have lived away from the small coastal town south of Boston where I grew up,  I still claim it as my home. I was writing two novels when I took a little detour and started a blog. I am starting to work on them again.

  • I’m a huge C.S. Lewis fan.
  • I went to BYU and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Design.
  • I lived in Canada for eighteen months as a missionary for my church.
  • I spoke French there.
  • My French is horrible now.

I’m a sucker for Jane Austen books made into movies. I love most of them, though I don’t think anyone has gotten Persuasion right yet. I still lug around my two-hundred issues of Martha Stewart magazines every time we move. I had said here before that if I ever wrote a cookbook, you all would be the first ones to know. Well, I did, and now it’s published!! You can buy a copy here:, or here: Better yet, you can also ask your to order you a copy. Or even ask your local library to order a copy. All photographs and recipes are my original work unless I state otherwise.  If you would like to use them for personal use, feel free to do so, but please cite me as the photographer/writer, with a link back to the post where you found it. Thanks.

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