9 Weeks Pregnant

By 9 weeks pregnant your baby is 3cm long and weighs about 3grams. The body has begun to straighten and the shape is more defined. Limbs have developed and the embryo tail has almost disappeared. Your baby now looks like a baby and is known as a fetus.Also by 9 weeks pregnant the basic structures of all the major organs are now in place. The heart is a four-chambered fully-formed organ that beats around 180 times per minute, which is twice the speed of an adult heart The brain is four times the size it was at six weeks…an astonishingly fast rate of growth. The cells are now starting to form that will allow the nerve endings to send messages to the brain.The mouth, intestines and stomach are developing rapidly but do not function yet. The intestine grows so quickly that it protrudes from the baby’s stomach.

The placenta is now much more formed but still does not perform all the placental functions, of breathing, digestion and excreting, of which it will soon be capable. There may be little outward sign that you are pregnant but by now your breasts may be feeling quite tender and you may notice that you feel different emotionally from usual. This is all perfectly normal.At 9 weeks pregnant the baby’s heartbeat may not yet be audible but from 10 weeks onward it’s possible to hear the it with a fetal heart monitor or Doppler. Many parents love to have a heartbeat monitor of their own throughout the pregnancy: it’s great for reassurance and for making your partner, friends and the rest of the family feel much more involved with the baby.


It’s amazing how hearing that tiny heartbeat can enable others to connect with your baby, and also share some of the feelings of being pregnant with you.Do you Worry About Your Unborn Baby?Most of us do, just a bit. But if you’ve had a previous miscarriage or any pregnancy complications, pregnancy can be a worrying time. If you’re wanting to get your own baby heartbeat monitor for reassurance, one of the best, and more affordable, ones we’ve come across is available from a company called Healthcheck Systems.They’ve been in the business for a good length of time and their monitors are very popular and reliable. One of their neatest solutions is the wrist blood pressure monitor, pictured left, which has a fetal heartbeat detection system incorporated into it.To buy this monitor with a special discount code, or find out more, just click the picture.

9 Weeks Pregnant: Your Body

At this early stage of your pregnancy your body won’t be giving any secrets away and many women at this stage enjoy hugging their little secret to themselves and waiting a bit before they tell anyone.At 9 weeks pregnant there is still a small chance of miscarriage, as most miscarriages occur before 12 weeks pregnant, but be cheered by the statistics, as over 75% of pregnancies survive beyond 12 weeks and the vast majority of these go to full term.What might give your pregnancy secret away is that unique and wonderful bloom that many women acquire in very early pregnancy: glowing skin and a look of extreme healthiness. Enjoy the compliments and smile secretly!Of course, this may not be the case if you’re starting to suffer from morning sickness, which not all women get by any means. But if you do, console yourself that it’s often considered to be a sign that the pregnancy is progressing totally normally. No-one seems to be completely sure what the causes of morning sickness are but for most of us the symptoms vanish after the first trimester of pregnancy.Your health at 9 weeks pregnant is really important. Good pregnancy nutrition will ensure that you and your baby have the very best chance of a perfect pregnancy outcome and the good news is that often the healthiest foods are a lot cheaper than the unhealthy ones. If ever there was a time to jack in junk food, this is it!This may also be a good time to start keeping a pregnancy diary, whether online or offline, making notes of how you feel, what foods, music and activities you like and dislike,

taking photos and finding ways to relax and enjoy the quiet moments.You can also record the results of any of the antenatal tests you’re offered. Your early pregnancy ultrasound will be an exciting experience and you may be advised, depending on your circumstances and age, to take various blood and other tests to check the health of the fetus. depending on the results of these, you may be offered further tests.The main test used in most countries is chorionic villus sampling or CVS, which tells you whether or not your unborn baby has certain disorders. The conditions they can test for include:Down’s syndromeTurner syndromeCystic Fibrosis DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy)Sickle-cell Anaemiaplus some types of HaemophiliaThe test takes about 20 minutes. A very fine needle is passed through the abdomenwhilst the doctor is using ultrasound to guide it. It’s not usually painful but it can be uncomfortable. There is a very small risk of miscarriage associated with CVS but it is very helpful, especially for higher risk parents, to know in advance whether your baby might have a serious condition.You do, however, need to have a careful think in advance, and discuss with your partner and family members, what you would do if any of these tests turned out to be positive. What would be the implications, not just for the baby but for everyone involved, and how would you all deal with these?

Would you want to try and keep the pregnancy or not?These are tough things to bring up at this early stage of pregnancy, when all you want to do is rejoice and look forward to having a baby. But sadly, refusing to think about the possible difficulties can cause more distress in the long run than facing them rationally at this stage.But only a very small proportion of all women have to face these issues so your chances of a normal, healthy pregnancy are high. If you do happen to be one of the unlucky ones and you end up havng to consider ending your pregnancy, this excellent site may be of help to you.

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