Massage during pregnancy has gained quite a popularity in the recent years! And not without reasons either! Initially, it was mostly for the postnatal term of a woman, carried out by a group of women. Later, this therapy was discarded totally until the numerous benefits of the therapeutic massage came out in open and gained favouritism globally. Women actually went for yoga sessions, exercises and massage therapy to soothe the discomfort during the prenatal period. 

But when carrying out the massage therapy, it’s essential to know how you get it done and by whom. Urging a relative or an amateur person to massage you can actually lead to serious complications for you during your pregnancy. It’s always recommended to go for professional and known therapists offering a soothing Massage in Newmarket like The Sanctuary on Richmond. Their clinic performs the best and most relaxing massage therapies you that can help you unwind wonderfully. 

Why Should You Prefer Prenatal Massage Therapy? 

Massage before the childbirth can be extremely relaxing and beneficial in many ways. Below listed are some of the best benefits of a therapeutic massage during pregnancy:  

  • It Soothes the Fluctuating Hormones—Pregnancy can be all about fluctuating hormones. Short temper sometimes, and crazy mood swings in the next. It really can put the would-be mothers on an edge. A deep and relaxing massage during these days can help a lot in calming down those topsy turvy nerves. Also, if you are feeling a lot of stress, a massage relaxes tension too.
  • Reduces Body Pain— There can be a lot of pains springing up during the prenatal days. From the back to the lower abdomen to some really tightening cramps in the legs. You can feel your whole body screaming with ache. These therapeutic massages help in relieving those pains too. The gentle strokes of the experienced hands and the firm pressure make sure the aches are soothed in the most natural way.
  • Makes you Feel Less Tired — Pregnancy can be really tiresome. Because of the nutrients getting supplied to the nurturing baby or due to uneven and sometimes lesser meal pattern, you often feel drained out of your energy. This can be cured by just a relaxing massage. After the massage gives you a good calming effect on your body, you will actually feel more fresh and active for a longer time.
  • Reduces Body Swelling —Many women face swelling (bloating) issues during their pregnancy days. Mostly near the onset of their 30th week. Due to the weight of the baby increases, or perhaps excess intake of citrus food, or may be due to some hormonal issues, lots of mothers have to face swelling in their body. This is sometimes accompanied with severe pain too. In this case, you should definitely go for a therapeutic massage. As the strokes keep the swelling down; and soon, after regular sessions, you can reduce and sometimes totally do away with the swelling.
  • Reduction of Nerve Pain — Pregnant Women often face the sciatic nerve pain. This is actually related to the sciatic nerve that is the largest sensory nerve located in our body. It provides functions to the lower part of our body. This is connected from the uterus to the lower leg and the foot. As the baby’s birth date nears, the baby gains weight and that is why there is a lot of pressure on this nerve. Because of this, a pregnant woman experiences a severe pain in the lower abdomen, back side of the legs, thighs and lower back. This also causes swelling and extreme pain in the adjoining nerves. A massage calms down these inflamed nerves thus relaxing and calming it down. This eventually helps in relieving the pain too.
  • Helps in Regulating Blood Pressure— Extreme high or low blood pressure is common during the prenatal period. This can often lead to dizziness at the verge of unconsciousness or extreme swelling of the body. A therapeutic massage is the best way to regulate the blood pressure to a normal stage during all the terms of pregnancy.
  • Better Sleep — A soothing massage relieving the various aches in your body can also help you rest better. This ultimately grants you a better sleep pattern too.

Pregnancy is the most complicated stage of a woman’s life and tough too. A therapeutic massage helps in relieving these complications and taking off some of the load from a mother.

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