Kids at home? You certainly are out of ideas to delight them when they’re (always) hungry!  And you know children — they just don’t want to eat healthy and full meals. What they want are only desserts — especially the chilled ones. And top of it, they don’t even want to wait to have them! Well, keeping the health factor aside, let’s give them a treat (once in a while) and try making some instant desserts. Your rewards? A wide smile from them. (And also a kiss if you are lucky and the desserts are too yummy!)

Quick and Scrumptious Desserts Especially for Kids!

Satisfying your child’s sweet tooth is a bit tricky. But if you try the below-listed recipes, then they are surely going to love you for the delicacies and will devour the entire thing in a jiffy.

  • Multi Flavoured Ice-cream Cones — No child can say no to ice creams! And if these are served in cones, then these are all the more enticing. So, if you have seasonal flavours of ice cream stocked in your freezer, just pull them out and place a scoop or two on the waffle cones from SG packaging. These cones are super crispy and very yummy — exactly what your child would love to devour. Pro tip – sprinkle some finely chopped nuts or chocolate chips on the ice-cream to make it more enticing.
  • Fresh Fruit Sorbet—You can prepare a quick sorbet with the fruits that are available in your house. Just chop a cup of mixed fruit (or a single one) and blend them with some lime juice, honey, coconut milk and serve with a dash of whipped cream. This is going to refresh your little one instantly and will be quite filling too.
  • Instant Chocolate Mousse — Chocolate mousses are every child’s favourite. You can easily prepare one by melting some marshmallows and chocolate compound together and adding them to a cup of whipped cream. To make it look more delicious, top with sprinkles and see the magic happen!
  • Crunchy Banana Chocolate Pops — Who can say no to bananas? Prepare a quick and yummy banana dessert by piercing an ice cream stick straight into a half-frozen banana. Cover it with melted chocolate and top it with some finely chopped crunchy nuts. The end result would be just like nice ice cream and your child would certainly love this healthy treat.
  • Quick Mug Cakes —Cakes need no celebrations! And when you have a microwave in your house, then this can be a minute’s affair. Put 1 tablespoon of baking flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, little milk, and butter in a mug and place it in the oven for 2 minutes. Pour some chocolate sauce on this cake and let your kid enjoy your scrumptious treat thoroughly.

These recipes don’t demand more than minutes from your busy schedule — but the end results are always so pleasurable. Don’t you think your child would thank you for all these delicacies? And yes, you may thank us in return! 

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