Whether you’re stuck inside due to bad weather or a bout of the sniffles, arts and crafts are a great way to keep your children entertained. But painting activities can get a little messy at times, especially if your kids get carried away with their art ‘experiments’!

While we’re all for children expressing themselves and having fun, painting ideas for kids shouldn’t have to involve hours of cleaning up after them. 

Want to know how to encourage your kids to express their creativity without the clean-up? Keep reading to find out!

Ziploc Rainbow Art

Expressive painting activities don’t have to mean messy hands if you have a Ziploc bag on standby!

For this no-mess arts and crafts activity, you’ll also need colored paints and a piece of white card. To get started, squeeze several blobs of paint along one edge of the card then place it inside the bag. Once you’ve sealed the bag, encourage your child to press on the blobs and move the paint with their fingers. 

When your child is happy with their rainbow design, remove it from the bag and leave it to dry. You can then use the colorful design to make a greetings card or frame it and hang it up in their room. 

Alfresco Art

Paint cleaning is a lot easier outside as you can wash down surfaces with your garden hose. Or, if you have a paddling pool, you could tape some paper to the bottom of the pool and provide a selection of paint colors for your kids to experiment with. 

The outdoor environment and freedom to make a mess on the patio or in the paddling pool are sure to reignite your children’s creativity and imagination. Although, if you’re worried about your kids ingesting paint, why not make your own edible paint with food coloring? You might need these cleaning tips on how to get food coloring off hands afterward of course!

Bathtub Decoration Station

When it’s too cold for outdoor painting activities, why not use your bathtub as a decoration station instead? A dry, empty bathtub is a great way to keep any mess contained. Plus, you won’t need any cleaning hacks to wipe the surrounding tiles clean once the kids have finished. 

Pointillism Painting

Often, limiting the amount of paint can help reduce the amount of mess you’ll have to clear up afterward. One way to make a little paint go further is to give your kids Q-tips instead of paintbrushes. Children will love creating colorful dot pictures in the pointillism style of painting using this new method and alternative tool. 

Watercolor Pencils 

One of the best paint cleaning hacks is to not use any actual paint at all. 

Watercolor pencils allow children to create drawings that they can then turn into paintings with the magic of water. Since this arts and crafts activity is almost mess-free, there’s little chance of finding paint on the walls afterward. But, your kids will still get a feel for using a brush and the dreamy effects they can create with watercolors.  

Painting Ideas for Kids

No one wants to be the boring parent saying no to messy painting activities. But spending your Saturday night scrubbing paint out of the carpet is hardly ideal either. 

Luckily, these painting ideas for kids offer the perfect compromise, ensuring lots of fun and next-to-no cleaning up!

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