35 Weeks PregnantGetting Close!At 35 weeks pregnant you will be really looking forward to not carrying that bump around much longer! Around this time is when most of us start to weary a bit and wish the baby would just hurry along. By now your baby will be roughly 32cm long and weigh about 2.5kg .that’s more than a large bag of sugar, so no wonder it’s hard work! The baby is now fully formed, with fat accumulating under the skin ready to regulate body temperature after birth.Most of the major organs have now developed fully and your baby is gaining weight ready for birth. At 35 weeks pregnant the lungs are still developing but if your baby was born now there would be an excellent chance of survival.

The brain and nervous system are pretty much fully formed, but if he or she was born now their reflexes would probably be slow.Head Down or Breach Position?Babies often lie head up until the last weeks of pregnancy and will turn into the correct position for delivery just before they are due to be born. It is possible for your baby to be in the breech position all the way through your pregnancy and then to turn right at the end. It’s thought that much depends on the conformation of your hips and pelvic area and the amount of fluid surrounding the baby at this time. About YouEven though you’re really looking forward to the birth, inevitably you’ll feel some natural trepidation. But if you’ve been to antenatal classes, done your breathing exercises and your doctor and midwife are pleased with your health, there is every reason to expect the birth will go well.

Your blood pressure will be monitored at all your visits now and you will be asked to report any symptoms like swollen ankles promptly if they should occur. Swollen ankles are very common in late pregnancy but because there’s an outside chance it might be linked to a potentialy serious condition called pre-eclampsia, it’s better to get checked out.The idea of going back to your pre-pregnancy body becomes quite appealling around now, as you get breathless whenever you exert yourself and are getting fed up with not being able to give yourself a decent pedicure!If you find that you need yet larger clothing but feel unwilling to spend a lot of money for such a short period, you might want to do what I did and look for bargains in thrift stores (called charity shops in the UK) and on sites like Ebay. I found some superb late maternity clothing buys and was glad not to have to trail around the shops at that stage.

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