27 Weeks PregnantBy 27 weeks pregnant you and your baby are coming up to that important milestone, the third trimester of pregnancy, and are getting to know each other a lot better. Your baby’s brain is developing at a staggering rate now and he or she is able to open and close their eyes and shows responses to outside stimuli.At 27 weeks pregnant your baby will weigh around 850-1000 grams and will be about 36 cm (14″) from crown to toes, but because the foetus is curled up, the most visible length, from the top of the head to the rump, will be about 24cm (9.5″). He or she will be moving their arms and legs around more and may even get hiccups – which some mothers reckon they’re able to feel as a little fluttery tremor!Noises from ‘outside’ can cause the baby to react with a little jerk of the limbs and it’s thought that the rapid brain development, seen from the little grooves that are now starting to appear on the outer layer of the brain, makes your baby tune in to what’s happening outside of the womb more.

You and Your Body at 27 Weeks PregnantYou may be finding yourself a bit short of breath at times because the top of your uterus will be starting to put a little pressure on your lower ribcage. Your circulation may be slowing down and this might cause varicose veins or pregnancy haemorrhoids if you’re unlucky. Avoiding standing for too long can help prevent the former and the best natural tip we know for preventing and treating haemorrhoids is vitamin E oil from a capsule. Applying a little of this morning and night is very effective.Your pregnancy weight gain at 27 weeks should be around 1lb per week and your belly is stretching now. This when you need to be on your guard against stretch marks and start to look for the best creams and oils to prevent them. Our readers’ reviews of the products they’ve tried might help you decide which ones to go for.

Painful joints and pelvis can affect some mothers-to-be at 27 weeks pregnant, so if you’re experiencing pelvic pain on, say, going up and down stairs, have a chat with your nurse or midwife and see what she recommends. This could be what’s known as PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) or it might be Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) which sounds a lot scarier than it is.Symphysis Pubis DysfunctionAs you approach the final third of your pregnancy your body releases hormones designed to soften your muscles and ligaments, in order to make it easier for the baby to be born.Clearly this is a blessing…but for quite a lot of women, the process goes a bit too far and they end up with too much movement in important joints around the pubic bone and the lower back. You might get a slight grinding sensation when you move from a seated to standing position, or vice versa, or you might hear a slight clicking of a joint that you’ve never heard before.

Treating SPD is often a question of wearing more supportive garments – yay – Lycra! ( – to reduce the movement in your joints, combined with a safe painkiller, or your midwife may be able to give you a set of exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles and give you more natural support. Be assured, once your pregnancy is over, your hormones and your joints will gradually return to normal again.Eating WellFor many of us, at 27 weeks pregnant you often feel as if you could eat a horse! Your growing little passenger is making big demands on your body right now and good pregnancy nutrition is vital for both of you. Avoiding junk food can be easier if every time you get the urge for something bad, you start to semi-brainwash yourself into thinking instead about fresh, healthy foods and even read one or two healthy eating magazines or books about wholefoods and healthy lifestyles.If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to get yourself booked into antenatal classes, where not only will you get a lot of help and reassurance but you’ll also meet other local mums-to-be, some of whom might become good friends as your babies grow up.

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