12 Weeks PregnantAt 12 weeks pregnant your baby will already look like a tiny human being! It is about 6cm long and weighs about 15g. To give you an idea of how little that is, if you took 4 level teaspoons of peanut butter and put them on the scales, that would be about 15g! But your tiny little fetus now has arms and legs, with visible fingers and toes, and now has increasingly well defined facial features.The baby’s body at 12 weeks pregnant is now straighter and the first bone tissue has begun to appear. The face is now formed, with a chin, high forehead and small button nose.The eyes are developed and although they are shut tight with sealed eyelids, they now show reflexive movements, a bit like those movements we have when in deep (REM) sleep. The ears are visible but are still small in proportion to how big they will be by the time the baby is ready to be born.We now know that from 3 months pregnant the tiny brain is already forming neural pathways,

Which suggests that stimuli such as vibrations, the mother’s heartbeat and perhaps even external noises may begin to be registered by your baby. The fetus is also starting to squirm around, although you can’t feel it yet because there is still a high proportion of amniotic fluid all around it which cushions both of you.The arms and legs can move freely and if you have a scan (see video clip example below) at 12 weeks pregnant you may actually see them moving, even the arms waving about, which is really exciting! The skin is still permeable to amniotic fluid. The nails on the fingers and toes are starting to grow and if the palm is touched, the fingers will curl. At around about 12 weeks pregnant the placenta has achieved its final shape and takes over from the yolk sac to become the baby’s life support system, supplying it with the nutrients it needs to keep on growing.

The placenta is much larger than the baby at this stage. After its initial rapid enlargement the placenta then slows to a much slower but steady growth rate and by the time the baby is born it will weigh about one sixth of the baby’s weight.Below is a 12 week ultrasound photograph showing the positions of the head, hand and leg. Further down the page there is also a video clip of a live 12 weeks ultrasound scan. About YouIf your doctor or midwife palpates your abdomen now, s/he will be able to feel the top of the uterus, the fundus. If you’ve been experiencing morning sickness or general nausea, for most women it will hopefully start to ease off now. If it’s any comfort to you, it’s considered to be a sign that all is progressing normally if you suffer from morning sickness! It’s good to know, too, that you’re now getting past the most risky time for miscarriage.

Many of us are a little cautious about announcing our pregnancy until past the 3 months stage but from now onwards the chances of having a miscarriage decrease rapidly.Keeping the right pregnancy weight is very important, as both under-eating and over-eating can threaten the health of your baby. The right nutrition is vital for the fetus to grow normally but also, it’s been shown recently that mothers who are obese in pregnancy may have a higher chance of giving birth to babies that suffer from asthma during their childhood. Your food intake now will determine how well your baby will grow, so it’s a great time to look at how you can achieve a healthy pregnancy diet and enjoy it at the same time.If you haven’t done this before, then now is the time to check out and try to eliminate any unhealthy substances in your environment and lifestyle, like exposure to tobacco smoke, consuming too much alcohol and

Radon Poisoning.

In certain parts of the world there is an invisible gas, called radon, that rises into local areas and can even build up in houses. You may want to check whether the local radon levels are dangerous to your baby – and you, and if any remedial work needs to be done, tackle it as soon as possible.Drinking plenty of pure, clean water is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy and avoiding any waterborne diseases is vital at this time. Buying spring water can be expensive but the cheapest way to have an abundant supply of clean water is with a simple charcoal filter jug, making sure you change the filters regularly.Soon you will probably start to feel you need to wear looser waistbands and may want to begin thinking about some new clothes so that you can look good and feel comfortable at the same time. There is a great range of motherhood/maternity clothes available, both locally and through online shopping, so look your best and glow with anticipation!If you have an ultrasound scan at 12 weeks pregnant, you could expect it to look something like this video clip At this stage of your pregnancy, when the risk of miscarriage is reducing rapidly, you may be about to start letting people outside of your close family and friends know your good news. There are some lovely announcement cards available for those who want to make a splash but one totally unique.

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