Whipped cream is an integral part of desserts. Any fan of desserts and sweets will love the presence of whipped cream, but have they ever seen whipped cream as more than just a dessert? Here are some fun whipped cream facts that you didn’t know!

1. Whipped cream is just cream until it becomes fluffy and light. You can do this yourself using a fork or a hand mixer. Indeed, manually will take a long time and drain your arm, so you can use an electric shaker that uses electricity. You can also use a cream whipper from Nangman instead from their website: https://nangman.com.au/

2. You can add sugar or vanilla so that the cream has a sweet taste. Don’t be surprised if the whipped cream has different sweetness levels as it depends on the maker. Apart from sugar and other sweeteners, you can also use vanilla or almond flavoring to give the whipped cream a taste and aroma according to your palate.

3. Although most people know it as whipped cream, it turns out that the cream has another name. You can also know whipped cream as Crème Chantilly or Chantilly Cream.

4. Not just whipping, you have to beat the cream at an exact temperature to produce the perfect whipped cream. The best number for making whipped cream is below 50 degrees. If you shake the cream with a temperature above 50 degrees, the result of your beating instead of whipped cream will turn into butter.

5. The whipped cream has a national anniversary! National Whipped Cream Day is every January 5th.

6. Whipped cream has a long history. Since the 16th century, people have been eating whipped cream. The whipped cream recipe itself originated in Italy in 1549 and finally became a French recipe in 1604.

7. In ancient times, in the 19th century, people beat the cream using willow or rush branches. After that, people made a cream beater.

8. The world record for the highest spoonful of cream over a cup of hot chocolate was won by Melissa Arkin and Casey McLaughlin. In 2011 they managed to break the record by reaching a height of 7 ¼ inches.

9. Different whipped cream with whipped toppings. Toppings shake using an artificially made process. In addition, the whipped topping also contains hydrogenated oil, a sweetener, emulsifier, and stabilizer so that it doesn’t taste as good as whipped cream.

10. Many people use the nitric oxide cream charger in the cream shaker dispenser for quick cream whipping. You can make the whipped cream more easily because the nitrous oxide dissolves in the fat of the cream under pressure. It will swell when the pressure drops and the cream is released from the shaker.

11. You can actually whip it with a branch! Until some point during the 19th century, any recipe using whipped cream would be whipped with a willow or branch as an alternative to the modern-day whisk. Although it may sound like fun, we do not recommend this as it may take well over an hour for a single batch!

Do you have any other whipped cream facts we didn’t list? If so, leave a comment and let us know!

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