11 Weeks PregnantBy 11 weeks pregnant you’ve almost reached the end of your first trimester of pregnancy and the time when your baby is known as an embryo. From next week on your baby will be called a fetus and the risks of losing the pregnancy are now diminishing rapidly.Imagine an average-sized plum and you have a rough idea of the size of the embryo at 11 weeks: somewhere around 4cm in length from rump to crown.Almost half of this length is the baby’s head, which is much larger than the body and now has tooth buds. The fingers and toes are separated and s/he stretches and makes kicking movements, all very smoothly because there is still plenty of surrounding amniotic fluid. The hand can be made into a fist and will clench and unclench. Swallowing and sucking begins and the tiny digestive system is now sufficiently developed to process the swallowed fluid.

Although some mothers think they can feel the baby moving as early as 11 weeks pregnant, it’s unlikely because of the high proportion of fluid around the embryo. It’s more likely to be gas in your digestive system. (Yes, I know: how boring! But if you do genuinely think you can feel something, do double check with your midwife or health professional in case you’ve got your calculated due date wrong.)A scan at this stage still won’t reveal the sex of your baby, as the genitals are not yet externally visible, but given another three weeks their development will be complete and you can decide whether you want to know the sex of your baby or not. The lungs are continuing, like everything else, to develop at an astonishing pace About YouAt 11 weeks pregnant your body is probably still not showing much external sign of pregnancy but by now you will be well aware that something is going on!

You may still be feeling nauseous and rather tired but for most people these symptoms will soon vanish and your energy levels should rise again. The tenderness in your breasts will start to subside a little and also the fear of losing your baby will start to recede as you head towards the marker of 12 weeks pregnant.Practically all of us are a little worried at this stage and if you’ve ever lost a baby or had a struggle to conceive, then the anxiety can be all the greater. Try not to let it get out of proportion though: the vast majority of women who get to the eleventh week of pregnancy go on to bear healthy babies. Also, excessive anxiety raises your heartrate and blood pressure and alters hormone levels, so the more laid back you can be, the better.The normal hormonal changes you are going through at this stage can lead to

and feelings of irritability but these will pass. Just knowing that this is the cause can help you and your partner adjust.Other common pregnancy problems are dealt with on our common pregnancy problems page and may include backache, sickness, headaches and abdominal aches. Learning what is normal for 11 weeks pregnant can go a long way to can help a lot, but check with your doctor or midwife first.One of the best things you can do is to learn the art of relaxation in pregnancy. This is also a time when you and your baby deserve some high quality nutrition and relaxing down time each day. Even at 11 weeks pregnant it’s never too early to start. Half the battle is training everyone else in the household to respect your need to take some down time in order to keep your energy levels up later on in pregnancy.

It’s a bit like training puppies: the sooner you start, the better the results!Around 11 weeks pregnant, if you are working, you may start to wonder whether you want to carry on right through your pregnancy. For many women, this is an excellent time to start to explore the options for earning money from home, especially as once you have a baby, you may well be a lot less happy than you currently imagine to leave him or her in someone else’s care while you go out to work. That’s happened to so many of us Moms!If you enjoy being online (no special skills required: you’ll learn everything you need to know through the excellent tutorial videos), I can fully recommend the excellent opportunities offered by Sitesell, an organisation that has brought genuine home earning to a great many women all over the world – including me!So, if you’re ready to relax, why not make yourself a cup of tea, then settle down for a few minutes and find out more by clicking on this link

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