As if the miracle of life wasn’t fascinating enough, there are countless facts about births and babies that reveal just how wonderful this aspect of our lives really is. Here are just ten care facts relating to babies, births, and birthday milestones that are sure to surprise you – particularly if you’re currently expecting!

Booming Babies

Every day, approximately 370,000 babies are born worldwide, with around 2000 of those born in the UK. That’s a lot of romper suits to buy!

September Madness

According to the UK government’s statistics on births, marriages and deaths, most babies are born during September, with November being the second busiest month for new born baby arrivals. That’s a lot of birthday cards to buy and also clothes outfits they needs, so make sure you head to Hallmark, the greetings card specialist, to stock up.

Boy Crazy

Slightly more boys are born every year in the UK, with around 105 boys to every 100 girl. So, if you’re hoping to have your own all-male football team, your chances are rather good.

Triple Trouble

It’s much less common for parents to give birth to triplets than twins, as triplets only occur naturally in around one in every 6400 births. However, thanks to fertility treatment, the rate of multiple births increases every year.

Faking Fathers

The phenomenon of ‘sympathy Pregnancy’ in fathers-to-be might sound unbelievable, but several studies have revealed that around 90% of expectant dads exhibit symptoms similar to what their pregnant partners might be experiencing. Known as Couvade syndrome, the fathers may gain weight, experience nausea and mood swings, and even pains when their partner goes into labour!

‘Eye’ Love You

You might not notice it, but cure newborn babies’ pupils dilate every time that an adult looks at them. That’s because they’re trying to look as appealing as possible, so that you fall in love with them – not that you’ll have any trouble doing so.

Born to Smile

Babies learn many of their behaviours from copying, but smiling isn’t one of them. Blind babies also have big happy grins when they’re content, showing that all babies really are born to smile!

Bony Babies

When babies are born, they have 300 bones in their body, yet when they reach adulthood this number drops to 206. That’s because a proportion of these bones fuse together.

Birthday Spirit

We all look forward to our birthday celebrations, but the tradition of having parties to celebrate this occasion actually began as a way of warding off evil spirits, who were thought to be more likely to visit people on their birthday.

A Special Song

Can you recite the lyrics to Happy Birthday To You? Of course you can – but you might not know that it’s just 120 years old, and was written by two schoolteacher sisters from Kentucky. The lyrics were copyrighted in 1935, and the rights to the song were purchased in 1990 by the Warner Corporation for $15million!

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